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Single Line Recorders

TOS ltd. recognizes that recording telephone conversations now reaches all sizes of business, and is no longer limited to lager organizations. Very often there are needs to record a single telephone line and still provide an accurate and concise call record to protect your business.

Our single lines recorders still offer the all the tools your team will need to properly manage your call record database, the ability to search by time, date , caller ID etc… makes this inexpensive solution a must have for your business.  Our suite of standalone recorders can act as a “Recording Appliance” and will simply record all conversations to its internal hard drive, or simply integrate the single line recorder to an existing PC (via USB) and you will ready to play, sort and search your recordings directly from your PC.

If sensitivity is a concern passwords can be implemented to prevent unauthorized users from playing back or deleting recorded calls.

TeleCorder PDF

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