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Service is the corner stone of our organization and is the key ingredient that separates form the rest of the industry. We strive to think like our customers, this allows us to deliver what the customer has envisioned.

The TOS team not only installs and maintains the systems which we have sold, we also install and maintain solutions for many of the larger telecom companies acting on their behalf but supplying the services that only a Factory trained and certified technician can provide.

With implementations coast to coast in Canada we are proficient in resolving issues rapidly, as well as having the luxury of trained staff in all of our locations where we have a footprint, combined with our attention to detail and focus on our relationships with our customers our service is unmatched.

Our Services include:

  • Installations
  • Audiolog and Express 360 installation are handled by our factory trained technicians, as well as all quality and business intelligence deployments.

  • Project Management
  • Use our trained Project managers to head up or assist in your project rollout to facilitate a smooth deployment.

  • Pre-Install Consultations
  • Speak with a Sales Engineer to ensure your heading in the right direction before you buy.

  • Training
  • New and refresher to allow your team to be efficient or train new staff.

  • Best Practices Consulting
  • Making sure the right steps and policies are deployed in your environment.

  • Network Consulting
  • Our trained staff can assist in consulting in you network environment.

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