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Impact 360 Express Work Force Management

Equip your contact center with a practical robust workforce management solution, Impact 360 Express Work Force Optimization can help you reduce costs, improve service, and deliver a better overall customer experience.

Give your supervisors the ability to better match resources to work loads, proactively address any process or performance issues by utilizing the captured customer interactions to spot trends and weakness in your center.

Integrate with your ACD and dialer to upload historical data to facilitate an accurate forecast. Impact 360 Express Work Force Optimization allows you the ability to select, combine and alter historical data to predict your centers future volume, handle times.

Create optimal schedules by balancing your defined work patterns, off phone times, shift rules, and your targeted service levels. Verify and monitor adherence by using our Advanced Adherence tools and take proactive actions to confirm your schedule are followed.

Forecasting and Scheduling

Impact 360 Express Workforce Management integrates with your ACD and uploads historical data directly from its database. You can use this data to forecast future contact volume and handle times for daily or weekly projections. You also can set up profiles to model contact volume behavior for recurring events and circumstances

Time-off Manager

Using this optional functionality, you can streamline routine tasks associated with time-off requests. Agents can request, be wait-listed, withdraw, and view the status of their time-off requests. Requests can be routed for approval by managers or automatically processed based on rules you define.

Shift Bidding

This optional functionality introduces greater fairness in awarding shifts by automatically factoring in seniority, rank, and unique “tie-breaking” bonus points to assign shifts. Supervisors can allocate bonus points to staff to recognize extra effort, and employees can choose to use them to elevate their position in the bid. The system also immediately informs agents of the chances of getting their shifts, setting expectations ahead of time.

Planning, Adherence, and Management

Impact 360 Express Workforce Management tracks key operational metrics so you can take corrective action right away. This intra-day functionality provides a real-time, graphical view of forecasted, actual, and predicted contact volume, handle time, service-level statistics, and other critical information. You can configure email alerts to notify users of deviations from plan and adjust your staffing accordingly. What’s more, Impact 360 Express Workforce Management can provide a complete picture of adherence. You can simultaneously compare your agents’ actual activities against their schedules, review a breakdown of adherence per activity, and manage exceptions, helping minimize shrinkage in your center. Supervisors can receive instant alerts for out-of-adherence states, helping them correct problems right away. An advanced adherence exception management function shows employee exceptions graphically across the entire day in real time, allowing supervisors to approve or deny them in one-minute increments. Better still, Impact 360 Express Workforce Management can enable you to perform what-if analyses to assess different staffing strategies, such as full time versus part time. This can help you make informed decisions using data that would be very difficult — if not impossible — to evaluate using spreadsheets.

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