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Impact 360 Express Quality Management

The Call Center Agent is your company’s first chance to make a good First Impression. The customer’s interaction with your agent will greatly impact on how they perceive your organization. This is why the right Quality Monitoring Solution is so important.

Impact 360 Express Quality Monitoring provides a suite of tools for improving the quality of your customer interactions. Live Monitoring; Evaluation & Coaching tools are all available to your supervisors. The ability to capture interactions and link all related calls to a single transaction to allow for a full transactional record will aid in your evaluation and coaching process as well as allow for a full coverage in risk management or liability situations.

The ability to allow for supervisors to monitor calls, including audio and screen activity as they happen, will allow them to take immediate action in addressing any issues that need their attention and eliminate the need for escalation.

The Impact 360 Express Quality Monitoring solution can greatly aid your contact center in many ways, its core elements such as Recording, Quality Monitoring, Screen capture, Real Time Monitor, Course Assigner, and Content Producer make for a reliable and robust solution. This will allow you to better you contact center with the ability to Enhancing service using captured interactions to understand trends, spot potential performance and process problems, and proactively address them, allowing for better managing of customer disputes, rather than just settling them, using captured data, more effectively addressing compliance and liability issues.

Recording - Quality Monitoring:

Impact 360 Express Recording captures interactions and links all calls related to a single transaction together to provide a complete transactional record for compliance, liability, and risk management.
Find and review any call in seconds leveraging the ability to search by a multitude of criteria. The use of standard online storage technologies allows for economical storage solutions for your captured call records. Impact 360 Recording can provide a cost-effective solution for organizations that are transitioning from TDM to IP telephony, as well as for contact centers and support centers with home-based agents or remote agents/offices.

Screen Capture:

Synchronizing your voice and desktops will prove to be an invaluable look into you agents work and call flow. Impact 360 Quality Monitoring provides a seamless synchronized voice and data recording to capture conversations between your customers and agents, as well as the corresponding activities taking place at agents’ desktops, such as keystrokes, data entry, screen navigation, and after-call wrap-up.

Course Assigner:

Empower you contact centers supervisors by the use of the Impact 360 Course Assigner. The will allow them to these clips — and other eLearning materials directly to the agent desktop. He or she will be able to take the assigned courses and improve their overall productivity.

Real Time Monitor:

Imagine being able to monitor calls in real time!! Calls can now be monitored in real time, or presented automatically for evaluation within and beyond the contact center using the Smart Inbox.
Select calls at random for evaluation, or even define your selection criteria to flag,,,, ,
Flag call escalated to supervisors, compliance issues and more.

Content Producer:

The ability to capture and edit real life clips from your center Using Impact 360 Content Producer, allows you to add these clips to into “learning clips” that highlight best practices or areas for improvement specifically to your contact center.

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