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Digital Recorder Transcribers

TOS can provide your business with a full range of digital dictation and transcription equipment that will fully integrate into your existing network environment allowing your team to be more efficient.

Our digital solutions can add a wealth of additional features not currently offered by your existing dictation system.

TOS can offer a wide choice of digital dictation and transcription devices which can increase your office productivity, by enhancing overall communication and workflow.

Our solutions will allow for your transcriptionists to have full network connectivity to any dictations and/or limit their accessibility via your network security and make sure only the right person can get access to the appropriate files for transcribing, thus ensuring the security and privacy needed in todays market place.

Our install base is not only limited to the traditional dictation transcription model, but includes many high profile board rooms and court rooms throughout Ontario, and span from one and two microphone solutions to court rooms implementing multiple microphones fed through a mixer and then to the recorder.

Our trained sales engineers can answer any of your questions and would be happy to provide you with a cost effective solution that would best fit your recording needs.

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