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Customer Surveys

What if you knew what your customer really thought of your organization? In today’s competitive market place the ability to address your customers thoughts of where your contact center fell short is invaluable, and will allow you to alter your process to provide your customer with a truly rewarding experience.

Impact 360 browser based customer feedback utilizes short context sensitive and dynamic surveys designed to gather data on various criteria such as , staff performances, process, products even customer loyalty allowing you to get an overall score of the customer experience.

Impact 360 Customer Surveys will gather data that would be typically over looked, measuring customer satisfaction is only one facet of the survey, it will illustrate the effectiveness of your process and staffing efforts.

Delivering workflow items and/or alerts right your supervisor’s desktops. Links to actual call recordings provide your managers with a powerful review capability, enabling them to drill down for further analysis.

Giving you an opportunity to take action to better your business practices to increase first-call resolution rates, reduce escalations, enhance customer satisfaction and retention, and improve agent coaching and training.

Customer Feedback Survey PDF

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