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Audiolog for Public Safety

Superior reliability backed by thousands of implementations the Audiolog helps 9-1-1 centers Emergency Dispatch Centers, Correction Facilitates and other safety organizations perform more effectively.

Audiolog will capture radio and telephone interactions and log the CTI, ANI/ALI and other data for a more complete record of the public safety situation at hand. Audiolog’s suite of client software includes Remote Live Monitoring and Multi Channel Playback allowing for the live monitor or playback of multiple channels simultaneously. The Instant Recall client allows dispatchers to quickly confirm details and review conversations to confirm crucial details

Capturing a call handler’s screen including any keystrokes and mouse movements without disrupting the call handler or impacting your network, will allow for a true recreation of incidents. Audiolog will allow for rapid incident retrieval based on a wide variety of criteria including, date, time, caller ID, Agent DNIS or ANI/ALI

Audiolog’s Centralized Archiving and industry-standard storage technologies, such as NAS, RAID, SAN, EMC Centera, these robust and flexible storage solutions can help you comply with data retention requirements for your industry.

Recording Full Time

Audiolog is a powerful solution for mission-critical recording and quality assessment. Built on thousands of implementations,  Audiolog provides the public safety sector with flexible, highly reliable recording capabilities, Instant recall, remote live monitoring and rapid playback from the desktop, allows dispatchers to quickly replay incident to confirm crucial for replay.

Audiolog can record trunked and conventional radio systems as well as digital and analog VoIP, and Trunked lines. The ability to record all call tags with information from Radio, ANI ALI. ICCS or CAD will also allow for the quick search/playback of calls based on the same criteria: (Search by date, time, duration, channel, agent, caller ID, DNIS, ANI, ALI, call index number, CTI private data, and more)

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Audiolog Interaction Quality

Public Safety Dispatch centers will benefit for the Audiolog Interaction Quality suite. This easy-to-use software solution that provides a range of capabilities to enhance performance and accuracy in your public safety space. Its intuitive, browser-based interface places call selection, playback, evaluation, and scoring functions within easy reach, enabling supervisors to retrieve and play back recordings and screens and evaluate agent performance right from the desktop.

Design you own evaluation forms quickly and easily with Audiolog Interaction Quality, Address specific criteria and protocols. View performance details, summaries, and trends in an array of standard and customizable reports from your supervisor desktop. Use this intelligence to identify  skill gaps and provide targeted coaching, pinpoint and address process inefficiencies, and understand how to deliver a concise accurate experience that breed perfections in you dispatchers.

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Speech Analytics:

Impact 360 Speech Analytics Essentials for Audiolog can mine recorded customer interactions to help surface the intelligence essential for building effective incident management. It can help you pinpoint trends and opportunities, identify strengths and weaknesses with procedures and protocols As well as get a better feel as to how your interactions are perceived by your workplace.

With Impact 360 Speech Analytics, your organization can turn recorded calls into actionable intelligence—a powerful learning tool in today’s market. With its ease of use and its flexibility, the Impact 360 Speech Analytics Essentials for Audiolog can process recorded interactions to surface trends that can help you make better decisions. It’s a practical solution that can help your organization identify and take action on strengths and weaknesses, including process and protocol issues that can even often originate in areas outside the contact center.

Speech Analyitics Essentials for Public Safety PDF

Application Event Triggers

The Application Event Trigger is a valuable addition to your recording solution. AET provides an easy to use solution that can allow information captured from the Dispatchers desktop to be used for recording control (Start/Stop) add the capability of inserting this metadata directly into the call record for enhanced search and retrieval capability, makes for a robust and reliable solution. solution to these challenges

Installed in over 60,000 seats worldwide, AET proves itself everyday in reliability and ease of use.

Application Event Trigger PDF

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