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Audiolog for Contact Centers and Back Office

Audiolog reliability is built on its thousands of implementations, and is sure to help your contact center or Back Office by optimizing the quality of service as well as improve the overall operational effectiveness.

Audiolog’s suite of client software include the ability let your supervisors and managers keep track of contact center activity right from their desktop PCs with Remote Live Monitoring and Playback client software. A full suite of assessment tools combined with synchronized PC screens and Audio will aid your supervisors in enhancing overall agent performance.

Rapid access to playback synchronized screens and audio will allow you to fast track to dispute resolution Using the browser-based Audiolog Interaction Review software, you can retrieve recordings rapidly using a variety of criteria, such as date and time, caller ID, agent, DNIS, or campaign, this data all captured by the Audiolog as it integrates with your PBX, ACD, predictive dialer, and CTI systems.

Audiolog’s Centralized Archiving and industry-standard storage technologies, such as NAS, RAID, SAN, EMC Centera, these robust and flexible storage solutions can help you comply with data retention requirements for your business or industry.

Audiolog Interaction Quality

All contact centers will benefit for the Audiolog Interaction Quality suite. This easy-to-use software solution that provides a range of capabilities to enhance performance and productivity in smaller to midsized contact centers. Its intuitive, browser-based interface places call selection, playback, evaluation, and scoring functions within easy reach, enabling supervisors to retrieve and play back recordings and screens and evaluate agent performance right from the desktop.

Design you own evaluation forms quickly and easily with Audiolog Interaction Quality, Address specific products and programs. View performance details, summaries, and trends in an array of standard and customizable reports from your supervisor desktop. Use this intelligence to identify agent skill gaps and provide targeted coaching, pinpoint and address process inefficiencies, and understand how to deliver a superior customer experience that builds customer loyalty and boosts customer value.

AIQ Quality Monitoring PDF

Recording Full Time or Selective

Audiolog is a powerful solution for mission-critical recording and quality assessment. Built on thousands of implementations Audiolog provides contact centers with flexible, highly reliable recording capabilities, remote live monitoring and playback from the desktop, and a powerful interactive assessment tool. Audiolog offers full time , On demand, scheduled and Criteria driven recording. By providing rapid access to recordings, with instant recall and incident-based or call data-based retrieval, Audiolog can help facilitate regulatory compliance. Or scale up the Audiolog with our full suite of add-ons to make it the true unified solution which encompasses all contact centers needs.

Audiolog Call Center PDF

Speech Analytics

All contact centers are rich with data about the real needs and wants of your customers and how well your company delivers it to them. Yet, finding the data you need to review to make improvements can be a problem. Impact 360 Speech Analytics Essentials for Audiolog can mine recorded customer interactions to help surface the intelligence essential for building effective customer strategies. It can help you pinpoint trends and opportunities, identify strengths and weaknesses with processes and products, and understand how your offerings are perceived by the marketplace.

With Impact 360 Speech Analytics, your organization can turn recorded calls into actionable intelligence—a powerful competitive advantage in today’s market. With its ease of use and its flexibility, the Impact 360 Speech Analytics Essentials for Audiolog can process recorded interactions to surface trends that can help you make better business decisions. It’s a practical solution that can help your organization identify and take action on strengths and weaknesses, including process and product issues that often originate in areas outside the contact center, such as back-office operations departments

Speech Analytics Essentials for I360 Audiolog PDF

Application Event Triggers

The Application Event Trigger is a valuable addition to your recording solution.

The ability to record voice and/or screen has great benefits to your organization, but can sometimes pose certain challenges.  How do you handle PCI compliance? Personnel who do not need to record full time, or any numbers of reason why you can’t od don’t want to record 100% of the time.
Verint’s Application Event Trigger (AET) provides an easy-to-use solution to these challenges
and can be integrated with Audiolog or Impact 360 Express platforms.
Installed in over 60,000 seats worldwide, AET permits information captured from the agent desktop to
be used for recording control and metadata insertion in the call recording catalog for enhanced search and retrieval capability. Screen based triggers defined by you can enable you to capture and store the metadata to the call or simply start/stop the call

Application Event Trigger PDF

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